What we do

Today, events are tech companies.

We believe that the right knowledge and the right relationships build organizations that solve the world’s hardest problems. So we curate compelling content and meaningful interactions in unexpected ways to challenge the status quo. But we know great experiences demand more:

  • Solid content management.
  • Clear, simple communications.
  • An experiential tech stack.

The reality is that event producers are, at their core, technology companies. Our ability to deliver out-of-the-box experiences that connect participants demands a solid technology foundation. So we built one.

One system powers all our events.

Our integrated content platform offers easy-to-navigate information on sessions, speakers, formats, and content. But it also delivers virtual and on-site activations. We call this engineering serendipity. It’s how we turn strangers into lifelong friends, and chance encounters into meaningful conversations.

Compelling content in unique, interactive formats.

We’ve developed over 20 formats, tools, and activations, many atop the platform. Here are just a few:

  • Verb Noun: Two-tap matchmaking guides attendees to like-minded groups.
  • Hourglass Pass: Roundtable chats with a two-minute time limit and scannable prompts.
  • Waitlists: First-come-first-served reservations for our most on-demand sessions.
  • Circlesquare: A room-scale, rotating speed networking packed with experts.
  • What’s Up? Scannable badges show you what’s happening in real time.
  • Convo Codes: Snackable conversation starters with a quick phone scan.
  • Async Panel: Stitched-together videos of a Q&A that travels around the world.
  • Chain Reaction Panels: Speakers take turns as one-on-one interviews move across the stage.

If you've got an idea for an event or activation, let's talk!

Decades of experience chairing and running some of the world's leading technology and startup conferences have given us a deep understanding of how to engage audiences.